In the TEX -TILE Mercury collection seven top quality carpet tiles are to be found, which really stand out thanks to the modern, linear forms and two-toned colour patterns. Contrast rich combinations of red and black and orange, are like colours which merge into each other (i.e. shades of grey). The irregularly intermittent, incorporated stripes inspire a feeling of exciting dynamism. Alongside the pioneering, futuristic look are to be found contemporary technical qualities. The self-lay tiles come equipped with a reinforced backing, which makes installing them by hand even easier and simultaneously makes the tiles even more hardwearing and robust. The range of properties where these tiles can be laid is extremely broad, from heavy traffic domestic areas to normal usage in the commercial room, the Mercury tiles remain steadfast. Naturally the tightly woven loop pile modules are suitable for use with castor wheels (according to EN 985). The technical picture is completed by the DS Anti-slip (EN 14041) and the anti-static characteristic (under EN 14041). Invigorate your room with Mercury – the stylish and trendy all-rounder.