TEX-TILE Opal combines all optical and technical qualities in one carpet tile. The soft, fluffy, two- toned frieze velour cut pile tile, is made up of very tightly twisted lustrous yarn, which seems to change its colouring depending on the fall of the light. In an onerous tufting procedure individual yarns were twisted to a different extent. The very elegant high and low effect achieved in this way makes TEX-TILE Opal truly an optical experience. These cut pile tiles are particularly thick and are distinguished on the basis of the use of exceptional yarn material with an extremely high pile weight (1175 g/m²) in production. The homely soft surface guarantees an especially high walking comfort. TEX-TILE Opal carpet tiles are quickly and easily installed. The top class fibreglass backing is very robust and because of the high weight is also very stable and protected against slipping. These tiles are manufactured using yarn made up of 100% high quality Polyamid, which increases the hardwearing capabilities further. TEX-TILE Opal, an elegant carpet tile, which is best suited for heavy traffic business and residential areas.